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20-year manufacturing capabilities. Help you find the right product for you. And enhance your brand.

Has 5000+ molds. CAD design

Delivery time as fast as 7 days

Tolerances down to ±0.0001’’ (0.05 mm)

20+ materials, 10+ Process Treatment


We can design and manufacture all extrusion seals for you

Whatever model of seal strip you want, we can manufacture it based on our extensive experience. Especially our state-of-the-art extrusion equipment and experienced engineers make the final product separate from the vast majority of seal strip manufacturing on the market.

foam seal strip

Our capabilities

We can provide you with those materials for extruded sealing strips?

Helping you find the right material based on 20 years of experience. Save you extra costs. Let you have high-quality products and get the most suitable quotation. Work with us and experience our efficient service.






What can the extrusion process we use offer you?

 With HC, not only do you get quality products, custom-made for your application and delivered on time, but a team you can rely on.

solid rubber cord

other rubber seal strip

Three Compound sealing strip

Container industrial seal strip


Customize all kinds of tubes

Why Choose Us

HC sealing strips have passed ISO and other certifications, and the products are environmentally friendly. One-stop solution for you from design to production.


We have the shortest turnaround time in the industry


We are customer-oriented


Our processes have quality baked into everything we do


We can manufacture custom rubber parts to your spec and meet your application demands


Our engineers engage with our customers throughout the process


We can help you with material selection and design consultation

Our ordering process

Receive instant quote

Provide your size material requirements

Confirm specs

Configure your size specification and choose a delivery time that fits your schedule


Start production now

Quality control

We control the quality according to the standard according to ISO9001.


Sourcing seals from HC

No more endlessly wasting time on lousy seal strip wholesalers. HC's goal is to let you sit back and relax.

——HC's Services Always Go Extra Mile

For Brand Owners

We have worked with different businesses taking their ideas from conception to fulfilling their desired glass packaging solutions. We walk the journey with you to ensure that we help you better define what you want and realize your brand’s perfect packaging solutions.

For Manufacturers & Suppliers

Our in-house modern production plant allows us to offer great quality options to appeal to your target customers. As a manufacturer or supplier, you can trust that our streamlined manufacturing processes are here to provide you with the best products in the market.

For Wholesalers

Being one of the most equipped seal manufacturing companies, we offer the best quality products at a significantly low cost. This allows us to work with you to ensure that you get to also extend great prices to your customers.

attend the exhibition

Our loyal partner Jack said: I met Henry at the exhibition in 2010. I went to visit their factory. After that we established cooperation. So far we have been working together for 10+ years. During this period I made many requests. In the continuous running-in to increase the tacit understanding, I am now very relieved to give all my orders to him. Hope to create more profits together.

Our Advantages

Need proof? Why don’t you contact us and we can schedule a zoom inspection session for you. We do not promote physical inspection at the moment because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this activity will resume as soon as the pandemic is over.


our certificate

ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System, EN45545-2 Flame retardant performance test report, DIN5510 Flame retardant performance test report


Factory scale

We currently have 100+ employees and 3,000-5,000 square meters of factory space ready to serve you.


State-of-the-art equipment

We offer custom shapes, specialty rubber compounds, as well as secondary manufacturing and assembly services.


Experienced Engineer

what we do best is design, produce and optimize rubber parts. We have been supporting our customers, from design samples to volume production.


All of the rubber products widely used in industry are windows, doors, automobiles, trucks, cars, wind power, container, electrical cabinet, etc.


compound profile with very good compression set, high tensile strength, excellent weather, ozone, UV, water, steam, high and low-temperature resistance.
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We design and manufacture glazing seals to help you enhance the energy efficiency of your facades, curtain walls, and commercial windows.

Fire Resistant EN45545

The introduction of the new fire-resistant rubber seal strip is just one of many new criteria that have been set up to not only minimize risks but also to provide a cleaner experience for everyone.

Electrical Cabinet

Innovative designs and high-performance seals are what we do best for this constantly evolving industry.


Our rubber extrusions also can be done according to your required cut to a specific length, vulcanized hot joint to a frame or a ring, self-adhesive tape, punch hole, etc.


EPDM rubber is the first choice for bus/truck/railway door seals, not only price is competitive, but also decided by the performance of EPDM material.


fenders are installed on the ship or dock, to absorb the collision energy between the ship and the wharf when landing or mooring, to protect the ship and dock from damage.

Refrigerated Container

Hot vulcanized corners are also available for container and refrigerated door sealing strips. Another widely used material is dual hardness PVC. Rigid PVC part snapping the door frame firmly, soft part supply excellent real convenient to install.

we’re here to all your questions

HC has been Manufacturing Extruded seal strips for 20+ years and we have encountered all kinds of problems, here are the most critical concerns of our customers before closing the deal.

HC has helped customers in more than 30+ countries to be successful and earn good profits.

EPDM,PVC  etc.We can also try according to the material you provide. We really like challenging products.

Of course, it is better to wait until the epidemic subsides. Now we support using ZOOM for online factory inspection.

  • We provide preproduction samples before mass production for all customers.
  • We provide quality certs
  • We accept third-party inspection.

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I wholesale my seals from HC as it is the only brand I trust in China, and my colleagues and I personally visited their factory and were very impressed with their advanced equipment. My consumers are not resistant to high quality weatherstrips, so I had high hopes for the design capabilities of the wholesaler, but the HC has never let me down.



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