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What is Garage Door Weatherstripping?

Usually made of rubber or PVC. Garage door weatherstripping is on the top, bottom and sides of the garage door, etc. Its main purpose is to protect your door and prevent rain, bugs, dust, etc. from entering your garage.

5 Types of Garage Door Weather-stripping

  1. Garage door bottom brush sealing strip
  2. Garage Door Threshold Sealing strip
  3. Garage door top sealing strip
  4. Garage door side sealing strip
  5. Garage door bottom sealing strip

Can you replace the rubber strip on a garage door?

If you notice that your garage door weatherstripping has been damaged by rodents or accidentally torn, it’s time to replace it.

How long should weatherstripping on a garage door last?

Normally properly installed weatherstripping should last as long as the door itself – 20 -40 years, while poorly installed weatherstripping may only last a few months.

Why Garage Door Weather-stripping Maintenance Matters

Weatherstripping on your garage door serves an important purpose. It helps to seal and form a relatively closed and environment, and can prevent rain, bugs, dust and so on.

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