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what is rubber extrusion?

A processing method: the material passes through the action between the extruder barrel and the screw, while being heated and plasticized, it is pushed forward by the screw, and continuously passes through the head to make various cross-sectional products or semi-products.

custom extrusion process

Extrusion is a process in which high elastic rubber is continuously made into various shapes under the interaction of the rotating screw of the extruder barrel.

What are the benefits of rubber extrusion?

  • Continuity
  • Automated manufacturing
  • high productive rate
  • Product quality is stable
  • low cost
  • Great flexibility
  • Wide range of applications (combined with different auxiliary machines, it can complete the comprehensive processing of different technological processes)
  • According to the different requirements of the product, semi-finished products with various cross-sectional shapes can be formed by changing the mouth shape of the machine head. Products with different components can also be extruded by two machines (or three machines).
  • The equipment occupies a small area and is light in weight.

What are the benefits of rubber extruded products?

  1. High resilience
  2. High flexibility
  3. extremely durable
  4. Heat resistance, cold resistance, aging resistance, wear resistance
  5. Suitable for use in extremely harsh and extreme environments

What are the benefits of using rubber extruded products?

  • fill in the gap
  • Absorb and reduce shock
  • Noise isolation, reduce wind and rain noise
  • Prevent water, smoke, and dust from penetrating into the interior
  • Provides movement channels for moving parts
  • Compensate for errors in assembly

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